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PBM Cryogenic valves have a unique design that provides superior performance through cooling and heating cycles. The valves meet leakage criteria per MSS SP-134.

Sizes 1/2” - 2”

Temperatures from 400°F, 205°C down to -320° F, -200° C.

Live-loaded upstream seat and packing

Materials of construction: stainless steel, bronze and other materials available - consult PBM for details.

Pressures to 720 psi CWP (ANSI 300# class)

Cleaned for oxygen service

Quarter turn operation

Locking lever handle or optional oval locking hand wheel

Automation available

TFMTM seats/TFM or graphite seals

Uni-directional flow and vented ball.

Internal and external grounding

Valve meets or exceeds leakage performance per MSS SP-134.