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Dockweiler is a specialist for CFOS and UHP welded and seamless tube systems for the semiconductor industry (TCC and Ultron); welded tube systems for WFI and pure water systems for the pharmaceutical and biotech (?) industries (ASME BPE, SFT1, SFT4). The product ranges have been specifically designed to meet the needs and demands of our customers who emphasises strongly on weldability and surface optimization.

Being the market leader in both areas of application, Dockweiler not only serve European markets but also other regions in the world. Dockweiler strives to provide high quality of product and service consistently. As such they are focused on the demands of the market and serves the following industries: Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical, food, Biotechnology, Chemical, Solar Energy, and Analytics.

For UHP and HP gases

 Ultron  Finetron/  Finetron1  TCC/ TCC1 TCC304L/ TCC.1 304L

For Pharmaceutical / Biotechnology

 Weldtron Safetron  Coax  Dockweiler/ASME BPE