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A full range of sanitary butterfly valves for use in different process are available. Designed for rugged durability and ease of operation, the valves body and disc are machined from AISI 304 or 316L barstock. These valves provide full passage design and are optimized for minimum pressure drop which result in extended service life. The valve clamp style design solves tight space constraints and optimizes operating efficiencies. Our sanitary Butterfly valve body could be offered with Clamp end, Weld end, Male end and female end. The handle could come in either 4 position or 12 position and other options such as pneumatic actuator are also available.

All of our products have been 100% pressure tested before shipment. Material Test Reports are available with the heat number for traceability purpose.

Available products are:

  • EPDM
  • Silicon
  • Viton
The CSK-BIO butterfly valves are ideally suited for applications ranging from food and beverage processing to pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturing.