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PBM Sanitary Check Valve, Vertical installation Model VC / Horizontal Installation Model HC, Body and end shall be constructed of bar stock material 316L stainless, Hastelloy® C-276 or C-22®, AL6XN®, or other materials with all internal surfaces 20 Ra or better. Check valve shall use no internal springs or guides. Poppet shall be constructed of PTFE. Vertical and horizontal valves shall be of split body design using sanitary clamp and USP Class VI gasket. All materials shall be FDA compliant. Elastomers shall be USP Class VI. End connections shall be specified as sanitary clamp or extended butt weld for US gauge tubing. Extended butt weld in 316L material has 0.005 to 0.017% sulfur control. Valve body shall include marking designating direction of flow.