CSK-BIO possesses the expertise necessary to provide confident and reliable solutions for Pharmaceutical,
Biotechnology, Cell culture, API, culture meat etc.

High Purity piping & valves – Suitable for used in Pharma, Bio-technology, Foods and Beverage and personal care and cosmetics

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  • Founded in Feb 2005, as Weldtron Technology
  • The company has gained reputation as a quality distributor of engineering products
  • Changed of company name and ownership in May 2007 to CSK-BIO
  • Location: Ubi
  • Main expertise is in SANITARY valve, tubing, fitting, hoses, elastomer and etc
  • Comprehensive range of Sanitary product
  • Piping components keep stock up to 4” & ball valve up to 2”
Fine Chemisty
Research and Life Science
Food and Beverage

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ISPE 2023

We will be taking part in the ISPE 2023 at Suntec convention hall from 24th to 25 th Aug 2023. Booth number is 216


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